23 March 2009


We are not many in Amman that likes to walk the streets. Maybe it’s because there are so many hills. It’s really hard! But also for the heavy traffic I guess.Sometimes there are sidewalks and sometimes there are not any sidewalks to walk in. Or there are trees planted in the middle of the sidewalk, so you have to walk in the street, or someone has decided to park their cars there. But why complain, nothing will change anyway!
Most citizens choose to use their car for transportation. As all over the world, it is almost always only one person in every car. The stops at the traffic lights seem to be longer than everywhere else. During the time young men are trying to sell stuff, mostly flowers. After these photos I felt obligated to by some. When I came home I realized that they not were special fresh!


  1. i hate getting stuck in a traffic jam...shhhh must b irritating!!!

    exactly thats why i never buy any stuff that ppl sell on roads as nine out of ten times they are bad!!!!

    hey so wht do u do LISELOTTE???

  2. In Sweden we buy the pig in a poke...but in Jordan the pig turned out to be flowers...at least this time anyway...