24 March 2009

Jordan River Foundation

I visited Jordan River Foundation again; I went there with Lise a couple of month ago. It’s a “souvenir shop” with very high quality of the products. I think you can say they are very contemporary and artistic made. There are three different buildings with different ranges. There are baskets, candles and Dead Sea products in one house and interior design and Children stuff in the other. In the third house you can find, among other things, carpets from the Bani Hamada project. The products are not cheap, but I think that if I’m buying something special from Jordan to remind me of this lovely country, I will buy it here … or a mosaic table to the balcony, in the Mosaic shop….!

1 comment:

  1. I admire handicraft (all over the globe) and the skills that people are in possession of to be able to produce these pieces of art.
    You´ve some baskets in your pictures today. The other day at my local library I bought basket made out of willow twigs. Then I listened/watched how to prepare and how to twine a simple basket.
    After that I realized that I had made a bargain...