05 March 2009

Computer skill.

I think I’m slowly losing my mind......Last night I was trying to get a world map at the end of the page of my blog. I thought it would be interesting to see if I have any other visitors outside Old Sweden (Gamla Svedala!). I would love to see for instance where Nazish and Chhavi lives.
Well, finally I got the map into my blog, but it turned out to show up in the top of the blog! And it was only showing half of the world!!! And the only visitor was myself, living in Jordan! And that I actually knew before!
I did send a desperate mail in the middle of the night to a complete stranger and got a nice and quick answer, thank you. But I’m still confused!

Now I have to go back to the problem.


  1. I looked at your map and the visitor from Webster City, IOWA has to be my Mom. :)

  2. Nice! But can you see her ...I meen can you see a orange star placed on Iowa?

  3. Nope, I can't see it either...strange, huh?

  4. lol...thats why these applications are sometimes funny..isin't it.

    The pic shows lots of files seems your very busy thesedays!!!

    take care