18 February 2010

Back in Amman .....

Before leaving for Jordan I had to clean the flat I had been staying in. But it was not a big deal, I had a good helper...!
Now I'm thinking of what to do with this blog. I think I have a lack of ideas about what to write about.
But I want to have something because I like to look back in this "dairy" and see what happened a couple of months ago, half year ago and so on.
So we will see ..... Any ideas anyone....?

06 January 2010


03 January 2010

The first day on the new year .....

We were invited to dinner to Anna-Karin and Johan, and I could enjoy to have both grandchildren in my arms. Elin is still a bit confused over Nils existence! And Nils is occupied and only interested in the red Christmas curtains!
Anna-Karin had made a fantastic dessert! Everyone, included Elin, thought it looked wonderful! And the taste was extraordinary!
Communication without words.....!
Nils was dressed like an old gentleman!

I remember that his father, when he was at this age, was dressed in white shirts with embroider edging! Nils has trousers with a fly and pockets on the back!

30 December 2009

More grandchildren!

Today we were happy to have Nils by ourselves for a couple of hours. His parents wanted to go shopping and look at all the sales.
Nils has got very big hands (well, here they look very small!) with long fingers. Maybe he will become a pianist?!
They are just pretending they are sleeping!

25 December 2009

Christmas Eve again

Elin was not still for a second during the evening.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, the best night for all children. Elin had lots of gifts and was able to open all of them by herself!

22 December 2009


The cutest "Tomtenisse" this year!

21 December 2009

Christmas tree

This is our Christmas tree this year!
Bo is resting on the soffa after a couple of hours of Christmas gift shopping!

20 December 2009

More snow on Elin's birthday

At Elin's first birthday she could open her gifts all by herself. But sometimes the paper and ribbon was more intersesting than what was inside!
She really looked very surprised when we all rised and sang for her. We all liked the cake very much!

The snowing continued during the night to Sunday and we had to DIG to find the car! But it looked really beautiful. Just like a Christmas card!

19 December 2009


It's snowing! All day long! We are busy buing the last gifts for Christmas, and almost every day we are seeing our children and grandchildren! We are very lucky right now!