19 March 2009


Today we gathered to finish the back and the binding of our quilt.

We all met in Hilda’s house. Hilda’s family owns a restaurant and we had more or less invited our selfs to lunch! That was very clever of us! For the “middle east” food couldn’t taste better than this. I’m not sure of the names on all the dishes, but you can see vine dolmens, hummus, falafel and much more! And at last a home made cheese cake with strawberries!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yesterday, by the way, was a lousy day with terrible headache. Spent the day on the couch, feeling sorry for myself, watching a DVD box with “I, Claudius”. An old favourite! After a while I was happy I was living right now and here and not in caesarean family in the ancient Rome!


  1. Wow that must have been a nice get together...well i liked the food part n m hungry again...can u give some some recipe as i love to try new recipe of different places.

    Well howz that movie "I Claidius" somewhat like Gladiator????

    Howz your health now...seems u must take some rest????
    bye....take care

  2. Another piece of skill and patience again! Now I´m referring to the food stuff.
    Imagine what time it takes to prepare and make all these dishes.