12 March 2009

Daral al-Funun

As soon as you finally have found the well hidden entrance in the big stone walls that surrounds Daral al-Funun and enters, you can feel that you have come to a very special place.

In this small, beautiful, shaded hill side garden you will find a villa from the 1920s which is housing a centre for contemporary Arab art.

In this lush (compared with other places in Amman) haven of tranquillity you can observe pieces of art as well as remains from the ancient time.

Actually there are three houses in the garden and the legend says that T. E. Lawrence wrote much of his famous book Seven pillars of Wisdom in one of the houses........my guide book says!


  1. looks interesting....nice history associated with it.

    seems u enjoyed!!!

  2. Yes, this was something very special!

  3. We found a nice little hideaway in this city, didn't we? Just think how pretty it will be when everything starts blooming!

  4. Just think how pretty it will be when everything really starts blooming!