14 March 2009


We tried again today to find the spot we missed last weekend. And, yes, we found it this time. More pictures from that place another day.But on our way we suddenly saw some camels crossing the road. I have always wanted to take some really nice camel photos, I think they are such magnificent animals.
I became very surprised when Bo instead of slowing down and stop, so I could take a photo, steered round the camels and speeded!!!!! I can’t understand why this man not can read my thoughts! I mean he have had some years to practise!
I said some not really nice words!
On our way back to Amman this beautiful camel was resting aside the road. Then Bo stopped gently and let me take this photo!


  1. Hii LISELOTTE, was not able see your post as my internet connection was not available that day so got the opportunity to see it today.
    Nice pictures of camels and i agree with u that they are magnificent animals and have helped human being a lot in these regions. And ya LISELOTTE once again nice pictures taken by u. That man should have slowed down...but u know we are human beings bound to make mistakes and learn from them too, so i hope Bo will not repeat them again.

    Take Care

  2. Magnificent animals yes, but impossible to ride upon...they don´t listen to silly tourists, but why should they?

  3. It's impossible to understand a woman either if she think or talk, it dosen't matter how many years you try