13 March 2009


Julie taught me yesterday how to make spring rolls. What takes a long time is cutting the vegetables in small tiny pieces. I have to admit that Julie did that. We used carrots, cabbage, green beans, union and garlic and ready made dough. It turned out to be fifty spring rolls! Mine are the chubby, uneven ones!
Most of them ended up in the freezer. But for dinner I just fried some of them in oil and put some ready made spring roll sauce on the top. Do I have to say that they tasted fantastic?


  1. U know LISELOTTE this has been the best of yours till now because the way u have taken pictures one can easily understand how to make them....well done!!!

    As far as spring rolls are concerned thanks to u for helping me know how to make them as i would try them and can we add chicken in it?? One more thing i wanted to ask was that can we bake it???

    take care...LISELOTTE

  2. Hi L.,
    I love spring rolls, but I´ve never made any myself!
    I guess mine shouldn´t be more tasty than the ones I can get at "Mrs Saigon" in Malmö (Vietnamese variety), the Thai Fast Food Stuff in the Sqaure of Gustav Adolf/Malmö or yours in Amman!
    Married to a cook, I´m lost...//Ellinor