31 May 2009



Elin and Johan

Today I'm working hard to finish the four Smile project quilts. The goal is to have all finished tonight!
During the time I'm now and then resting my eyes at this picture!

30 May 2009

Pyramids again

Being in Cairo for a couple of days made me remember all the times we went to the pyramids or passed them. You always got surprised and impressed when they emerged behind a tree or a building.

29 May 2009

Pyramids in a distance

This is the closest I came to the pyramids this time.

Everywhere in Maadi you can see old beauties like this. Now they are abandoned and degenerated since many years. So sad!

I wounder when someone abandoned this car?

Last day I had lunch with Mira at a Thai restaurant. Surprisingly some old friends were there too. How nice to see them again!

27 May 2009

Friendly Egyptians

A Feluk on the Nile. No time for any ride this time. A man selling drinks from his back!

Today I feel all very exicted after meeting so many people in the street who are welcoming me back to Cairo! I mean, I have been away for a year! There are something special with Egyptians!

26 May 2009


The Flame trees are blooming in Maadi. Every street has got at least one tree. The colorful flowers makes the heavy traffic and all the garbage in the streets look a little less discusting.

25 May 2009

Blue thistles

When we were out driving yesterday I suddenly noticed big blue thistles at the way side. Exactly the same kind we had in our garden in Sweden. I told Bo to stop instantly, because I had to pick some! They were really very thorny!

Now they look great in my white, Egyptian, alabaster vase!
By the way, we are off to Egypt tonight! Hope to get some opportunity to blog there!

24 May 2009

Um Qais

Yesterday evening we started to plan a tour for today! It's very unusual for us to make a plan! We planed to go to Um Qais in the north west corner of Jordan. And we planned to start our tour ten o'clock today! And ten o'clock this morning we sat in the car with a well packed bag pack. We had sandwiches, drinks, maps, guidebooks, sunglasses and much more!We went From Amman up to Jerash and further up to Irbid and to Um Qais which is situated not far away from the occupied Golan heights in Syria.
The place is a former Roman city, in the ancient time the name was Gadara. It was founded after Alexander the Greats´ death.

The chairs in the Roman theater was very well formed!

According to the Bible, it was here in Gadara Jesus casted demons out of two men into a herd of pigs. Poor pigs! Well, our tour went on very well, maybe because we were so well planned this time!

Cookie problem?

For two days my computer has told me that I have a Javascript and cookie problem. How come my computer knows that? ;)

21 May 2009

Crazy parents ....!

Elin is now five month old! During this five months her parents have had grate fun by putting her in odd places!!
Newborn.A little bit older.
Not very long ago!

20 May 2009

Needle case for Melissa

My friend Melissa said that she needed a bag for her knitting needles. She had found a pattern in a book and asked me if I could make it for her. Of course I wanted to do that!
The pattern is very simple with room for both tiny needles and bigger bamboo needles. It's made with a flap that holds the needles in place when you roll it together.
The fabric comes from IKEA! The colorful one is my former kitchen curtain in Cairo!

19 May 2009

The heat is on ...

Suddenly we had a day that was extremely warm. Bo worked on the balcony in the evening and I'm thinking of moving my sewing machine out there. Now we bless the shadow in the balcony during the day! And it's the best place to stay in the evening if you don't like to stay inside and enjoy the AC!

18 May 2009

Beduin camps in the country side

Driving around in the countryside you can see Bedouin camps here and there. The photos are not very good since they are taken from the car.
It it difficult for us to understand how the Bedouins can survive in the heat in the desert and there will not be much shade and water.

17 May 2009

Operation Smile

Our Quilt group has decided to help Operation Smile with some quilts for the children.
We are doing four quilts each and we don’t have much time. So now I know what I’ll be doing the coming weeks!
Operation Smile is a world wide organisation which provides children with cleft palate and other facial disfigurements with free restorative surgery. During the convalescence they also provide Smile dolls and other comfort goods as the quilts we are making. They can keep the dolls and quilts when they leave the hospital.

16 May 2009

New flowers to the balcony

I decided that the balcony needed more flowers so I went by car on to the road to Jerash where there are a lots of open air flower shops.
And yes, I was driving all by myself!!!!

I bought four different kind of roses. They were very cheap, and the quality was not perfect. But I have never grown roses before, so I will try with these first.