30 April 2009

Dead sea

We have been down to the Dead sea for a couple of nights. The sun set on the West bank side of the sea.
Just behind the hills lays Jerusalem and when the sun disappears we could see the lights from the city.The view over the pool in the evening also looked nice.

28 April 2009

Happy Birthday, Fredrik!

All of us wish you a very happy birthday! Mummy, Daddy, Peter and Britt!

27 April 2009


Well, it took some more days to get well .....
But now we have visitors! Our youngest son Peter and his girlfriend Britt.
We started our day and went down town and ended at our favorite restaurant Jordan River.When we come back to the house they had a nice rest at the balcony!

24 April 2009

Sneezing ....

A day with sneezing, blowing the nose thousand of times and a head feeling like concrete....
But after a couple of Panadol and some hours in front of the telly looking at a very old British TV set called Upstairs Downstairs I feel a bit better.... now I can hear Bo sneezing in the background...!

23 April 2009

Looking back at last summer ...

While I'm trying to learn Picasa I'm looking back at old pictures. This photos comes from a very special forest on Ă–land. We made a very interesting walk with our old friends. I can't believe now how green it was. This site were full of remains from older times, and it was hard to believe that once upon a time people had worked and lived there. The place was enchanted and so silent.
If you click on the collage you can see the pics much better.

Swedish lunch

I had my quilt group over for a Swedish lunch today.

They didn't have as many shots that expected .......

So maybe you want to come over for a snaps or two and some salmon and heering ..?

22 April 2009

Fake flowers?

Today Melissa and I went to one shop with real flowers and one with fake ones. Can you figure out which one are the real ones?

21 April 2009


Looking through old pictures of camels and at the same time trying to learn how to make this frames. Unfortually I seemed to have cut the nose of the first camel. But you learn as long as you live!

19 April 2009


Back in Amman after a very interesting and busy week in Sweden. But I have to show you some more pictures of our grand daughter. Oh, here she comes with the camera again ....!

Do you like when I'm poseing like this? I get so tired of all this paparazis!

13 April 2009

A walk by the sea.

We just can't get enough of looking at all that water! Yesterday we took a long walk along the shore to enjoy the fantastic view. You really could feel that spring is here to stay. But we also found some remains from the winter .......some snow that still hadn't melt!

12 April 2009


Yesterday, after a well tasting dinner in Fredrik and Linda's home we all went for a long walk down to the water.
When we came down to the water the sun was about to set and it looked really nice. But it became much more windy and cold so we decided to go back home and have some more to eat and drink!

11 April 2009

Our grand daughter

"I'm now used to my mothers small shiny camera. But what is that big, black thing my grandma has got in front of her face?!"

10 April 2009

Pick nick

Only an hour after we had arrived in Malmo, we went to the "Peoples Park" where our son Fredrik, his girlfriend Linda and her sisters with their families had a pick nick.
When spring comes in Sweden after a long dark and cold winter, people don't want to stay indoors anymore. So everywhere you can see people with their friends,families and dogs walking around or sitting in parks and just enjoy life!So different from Amman. In Amman people are so used to nice weather so they take it for granted and stay inside to avoid the heat!

09 April 2009

Driving licence

Now I have got my Jordanian driving licence, at last! So stay inside if you live in Amman, because now I have to practise!
Well, actually....I'm leaving for Sweden tonight, so you will be safe for another week!

08 April 2009

Baby outfit

Today I have finished a little outfit to Elin. It’s a t-shirt with an applique hart and a pair of small booties. I found the pattern to the shoes at www.homespun-threads.com.

07 April 2009

Happy Birthday Peter!

Fundraising bazaars

In about one month two charity fundraising bazaars are coming up here in Amman. “With the world economy in bits there is even more need this year to offer assistance to the very many Jordanian citizens who are not as fortunate as many of us", one appeal says.
I’m trying to contribute to one of the bazaars by offering some small things I have made. It’s small make up bags with pocket tissue holders. At the other bazaar we are trying to sell the Black Iris quilt

06 April 2009


If you had a closer look at all the beautiful flowers you could find that there were stones in different sizes in a brick colour spread all over the fields. These stones didn't look at all like the stones that was gathered in man made walls that surrounded the meadows.
At a closer look we could see that the stones were filled with fossils. Many of them looked like remains from oceans.

But we could also see parts from bigger "land animals". We thought it looked like spinesAnd we could also discover an antler. Some people told us it was fossils from prehistoric times, from the times that the mammoths walked around on our planet! I think I'm to unacquainted in this subject. But I would like to learn more.