27 October 2009

Some days ...

Some days you just haven't time to write, or have something to write ..... Can't say that the last days been uneventful. We have been to one cocktail party, we have had our friends Melissa and Ron here for a quick farewell drink and I have seen lots of things that maybe could have a place in the blog. But where did I have the camera? Back home of course, or I just forgot to use it!
Well, tomorrow night we will have visitors coming from Sweden, and we are really looking forward to it!
I have borrowed a baby bed and some toys from Sheerine who lives upstairs, so I hope Elin will have a good time here. We will try to spoil her!

By the way .... I had chips and nothing else at the wine tasting last week!!! I blame the wine!

23 October 2009

Oh baby!

For the first time in many, many years I have been to the shop buying baby stuff. This time only cause Elin will come and visit us coming week!
OK, her parents and grandparents will come too!

22 October 2009

A tour to the Eagle Distilleries Co

Today we made an interesting tour to a wine cellar. We were shown how they made the different kinds of wine and at the end we were offered to taste some of them.
The rooms where the wine were produced were very nice decorated.

The ladies glued every little label on every bottle by hand!
This was mine favorite!
Well, we tasted six different wines before twelve o'clock, no food only ships, so now I think I will go and have a nap!

21 October 2009

Fishy 2

Work in progress.

20 October 2009


Tonight I was invited to exhibition down at Wild Jordan, the nice place were we use to go for lunch some times.
The exhibition was necklaces made of stones picked on the ground in a certain area in Jordan. The designer, Brenda, wanted to show people the beautiful nature outside Amman and was struggling for a long time how to do that. Then she found out how to treat the stones and attach them to each other. She started to do all by herself in her flat, but now some young women near Mujib have a workshop where they now are made.
I think they looked very unique and fantastic, made just out of stones and stainless steal.

19 October 2009

On the road ...

Julie went with me to find the best way to the Information center in Madaba. We have tryed to find it so many times (well, one ..!).
There are so many BIG signes and when they suddenly stops, you continue driving of course. And then you are really lost. The streets you have to chase up and down are nothing as the streets close to the Center and the famous mosaic church!
But Julie and I found the right way, after a couple mistakes!

17 October 2009


I have joined a new sewing group. They are making art quilts right now. Nothing I have done before.
Up till now not much sewing, more gluing. Rather fun actually to find small pieces of fabric that can be put together. Nothing is wrong I guess cause a fish can be in many ways!

15 October 2009

A view and Chicken Adobo

I went for visit to a new friend who lives outside Amman. This is her view from the entrance of the house! A view to die for!
Today it was a bit of heat haze and the thermometer in the car showed 38 degrees!
When I came home Julie came with some home made food for me. It was Filipino Adobo Chicken, which I never had tasted before. And it was really delicious! I looked up the recipe on the net. And it was thousands of them, and I had never heard about it!!!!

14 October 2009


Yes, now the war has started. The war against something that’s bites me during the nights. I hope it is mosquitoes and not fleas!

13 October 2009

New balcony flowers

It was time for me to change some of the flowers on the balcony. Many of the one I bought before I left for Sweden during summer did not make it.
Most of the new plants are geranium. They are not as big as the ones that I can find back home, but they seem to be very durable.
The afternoon sun shines into the balcony very low at this time of the year. But it is still over 30 degrees in the middle of the day. A bit too much for this time of the year I think.

12 October 2009


I finally found the t-shirt shop I have been looking for. Melissa and I bought some Christmas gifts to our families.
" Mansaf is a Jordanian dish originating in Arabia. Today it has been adopted as the national dish of Jordan, made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt (jameed) and served with rice.
(From Wikipedia)
I will not tell you which one I bought and which ones I ordered!

11 October 2009

Amman Parade

A big parade took place down town two days ago. Not many people had heard of in advance, but we read about it on the net.
Amman is celebrating 100 years as a town and during this years Amman has grown from a couple of thousands to 3 millions inhabitants! There have been settlements here since long before the Romans, but Amman is quite new as a town.
Well, back to the parade. Here comes lots of picks!

10 October 2009


The first rain for the season came some days ago. It rained for fifteen minutes, and it caused as usual chaos. It seems to be no "street drains" (can that be the right word?) and all the water washes away down the the hills.
Unfortunately the rain caused a big amount of trouble and disaster.A father and his two children was killed in Amman when a wall in their house collapsed over them.

09 October 2009

Baby quilt

The last days I have been working on a baby quilt. So what do you think, Fredrik and Linda?
Not finished yet, still much work to do.
Some of the sheep looks more like camels, maybe influenced by the country.

05 October 2009

Aladdin's cave

Today, when I and some friends were out searching for fabric, this lovely antic shop appeared in front of us.
Yes it was like an Aladdin’s cave. The ceilings were covered with glass mosaic and the walls were covered with glass cupboards and antic rugs.

Treasures from the whole Middle East and some porcelain from Holland!

But I didn't buy anything!

04 October 2009

Look what I found!

Yes, look what I found in a book store!

Dear old “Totte”! Just this book was Johan’s favourite over thirty years ago.

And “Alfons Ã…berg”, also a huge character and Fredrik’s favourite also more than thirty years ago! In Sweden we now have a prime minister who looks exactly like Alfons. Maybe that’s why Fredrik Rinfelt is so popular …..?!

But this is not “our” Pippi, that’s for sure!