29 March 2009


We lost our connection with the internet for a couple of days. It’s funny how strange it feels not to be able to check your mails, read news and post some blogs!
Well, we went to Salt on Saturday. Salt is situated only thirty kilometres from Amman. As usual we couldn't find the way at once, but after some mistakes we succeeded and entered the city.
Salt is a very old town, actually the regional capital under the Ottomans, and lots of the architecture from that time has survived. The guidebook also said that the old town was quiet and perfect for aimless exploration.
I don’t know if something special was happening in Salt that day, but it was so crowded, that the whole city seemed to be a big traffic jam.
We couldn't find the museums, the craft centres,the famous old buildings or any parking spot.

But suddenly a parking place turned up. And there was a very narrow street with no traffic, more like an alley filled with shops and, of course, crowded with people shopping or just spending some time together.

We had a nice time in Salt walking up and down that narrow street looking at people and what they were selling.
Someday we will go back and look for all the other tings that we missed!

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