31 March 2009

Log cabin quilt

I’m just about to finish a lap quilt in beige and brown colours. It’s made in a pattern called “log cabin”. The pattern is built like a square with one light corner and one dark corner. In the middle there is a piece in a contrast colour. The two blocks are slightly different and I made twelve of each.
Now started the fun part, I laid them on the floor in different patterns. I was surprised to see that some looked like a cemetery with big black crosses! After asking some friends for advice I decided which one I should take. And then I started to sew the twenty-four pieces together.I had a lot of help from my quilt group. They showed me how to make the quilt and I learned new words like batting, backing and binding (with bias!). And now the quilt is almost finished and I have had a great time making it!
So which pattern did I choose? What do you think?


  1. I think you chose the right one on the top...
    Amazing that the patterns can turn out so differently!
    They are all very beautiful indeed.

  2. yhats what i can see....but its really beautiful, actually love them!!!
    So thats u na with it in the pic...atleast reply leselotte

    take care!!!

  3. That quilt is absolutely lovely. You do beautiful work. Jean