02 March 2009

A drink in the street.

Today it finally stopped raining for a while and I went out for a long walk.
This gentleman served coffee with cardamom in a small alley. Of course he handed me a cup with the beverage after the photo session!
After a while I met this man walking around selling tea with mint leaves.I had to pay him for me taking the photos. But it was worth it, don't you think?


  1. Well I really liked this post!
    Infact your presentation of world is beautiful!!
    Keep up the good work.In fact if you could do come to my blog and tell me if I am going any better job

  2. Its an amazing blog...its really very interesting and after reading your blog it seems i have also visited these places as so well u have expressed. This was really something new that i saw...n i thank you for that. Seems u have a good career in presenting shows on travel and tourism or may be u are really in it. U love traveling i suppose...as i too do and i love photography and the pictures are also very well taken.

    Well i was not able to understand one thing that u mentioned that u had to pay the man who was selling tea as u took his pic as why u had to pay him...i mean just for taking his pic. Is it a trend there??...never heard something like this before.
    Ya now i will definitely try mint leaves with tea as i have never ever taken tea with mint leaves. How are u suppose to take it after the tea is made or when the water is boiling.

    Do keep writing as u have a talent that god has given you and utilize it...god bless u...take care!!!!!

  3. Thank you for your nice commentary! Well I have experienced that sometimes when I take a photo of someone who looks a bit torn and poor, they can ask for money. The sum is so small and I get a memory for life so ....
    About the tea, when you are going to drink your tea just put two, tree (well cleaned)leaves in your tea and thats it!

  4. Ya exactly as in a way your also helping the needy...but it can be sometime that the person whose with high self esteem may not like it...but all goes well if your intentions are nice and right.
    Sure tomorrows tea will be will mint leaves and definitely tell ya about how was it..thanks!!!

  5. Infact I loved the way u show their site!
    You portray them as Human not poor or rich ..or any thing other.Yoy give a message to respect people for whatever they are and not what the world have to say about them
    Cheers Gal!
    And about being teacher.,wel I am since past 4 years and now I do thing of it or maybe do something along with this so that I feel connected with myself.
    Anyways thanks for leaving comments on my blog
    I am your new FOLLOWER!!!!

  6. Hallo L!

    Could you please send the two gentlemen - the coffeman and the teaman - to Röda skolan. We allways have an argue who´s gonna make the coffee or the tea...
    Beautiful pictures!

    Love Ulla