16 March 2009


In many places in Jordan they have found extremely beautiful mosaics from ancient time. The best place to visit if you are interested is Madaba, with a floor that shows a mosaic map of the Holy land. But in every souvenir shop you can find things made of mosaic. We found this work shop the other day, mostly filled with mosaic stuff. The girl in the shop thought us that there are two different types of mosaic. The one made of stones in varies colours from different kinds of rocks, for me that’s “the real mosaic”, and also the Nabathean which more looks like paint with stripes in. If you want something, a frame or a table in a special colour or shape, you can just order it here and they make it for you.


  1. I guess it would have taken me a life time to make similar pieces of art. For me a certain lack of patience would make it even impossible in TWO life times...
    I´m better in ordering/shopping I guess...

  2. Its lovely....art is something which is above all relaxations!!!!

    good post liked it!!!!