30 December 2009

More grandchildren!

Today we were happy to have Nils by ourselves for a couple of hours. His parents wanted to go shopping and look at all the sales.
Nils has got very big hands (well, here they look very small!) with long fingers. Maybe he will become a pianist?!
They are just pretending they are sleeping!

25 December 2009

Christmas Eve again

Elin was not still for a second during the evening.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, the best night for all children. Elin had lots of gifts and was able to open all of them by herself!

22 December 2009


The cutest "Tomtenisse" this year!

21 December 2009

Christmas tree

This is our Christmas tree this year!
Bo is resting on the soffa after a couple of hours of Christmas gift shopping!

20 December 2009

More snow on Elin's birthday

At Elin's first birthday she could open her gifts all by herself. But sometimes the paper and ribbon was more intersesting than what was inside!
She really looked very surprised when we all rised and sang for her. We all liked the cake very much!

The snowing continued during the night to Sunday and we had to DIG to find the car! But it looked really beautiful. Just like a Christmas card!

19 December 2009


It's snowing! All day long! We are busy buing the last gifts for Christmas, and almost every day we are seeing our children and grandchildren! We are very lucky right now!

18 December 2009

Back in Sweden

Directly from the airport to see little Nils and reconnect with sweet Elin!

14 December 2009

Scrap booking

Finally! Have done the last pages! I'm very happy with my first scrap booking work. It looks more like an old fashioned "fotoalbum" than a professional scrapbook, but it's OK with me. I will learn ....

13 December 2009

Last minute .....

Working to the last minute with the Scrap book to Elin. I have been lazy the last months with this project. Actually since Melissa left , I guess she was my inspiration!

10 December 2009

Christmas decoration

Haven't found the right place for my Christmas decorations made from camel bones this year.
We only have the little Egyptian angel on our table.

She keeps singing for us so serious and concentrated ........ we can wait with the gold and glitter till we come to Sweden.

08 December 2009

Christmas gift

Don't look now, Elin!
I have made this trousers to Elin. The size is for one year, and that's exactly her age, but they look very big. There are a lot of space for eating "pepparkakor" the whole Christmas!

Check Spelling

07 December 2009

Christmas feeling

This afternoon I went to SAWA, The American Women of Amman's Christmas meeting. They had a table full of small cakes and sweets, and I loved it!
The Christmas tree was huge and was twinkling and sparkling with decorations all in gold.

A coir was singing and a group of young students were playing some Christmas carols.

Vendors had tables with all kind of Christmas things, most of them homemade. Isabelle had a table full of Christmas stockings and carpets to have under the tree. All made by herself and very beautiful!
And I think I got a a feeling of Christmas soon coming along.......!

06 December 2009


During the weekend we went to Madaba for lunch. Of course we ordered Mezze! You can order from a huge vary of warm and cold dishes. These are our favorites!

Hummus, of course!

Together with the warm bread that was called aisch in Egypt.

It's really jummy!

Then we must have Tabboule. It's parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, sesame seeds, garlic and lemon.

Then comes Fattosh which is a normal salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and fried pieces of bread.

And goat cheese salad with thyme!

05 December 2009

Elin can walk!

04 December 2009

Pomelo salad

Someone brought a plastic bag full of pomelos to our last sewing meeting. She had picked them in her garden and said it was free to take as many as you wanted. I was of course quick to grab one!
On my way back home I stopped to buy a pomegranade, cause I remembered I had seen some recipe with these fruits.
July helped me and showed me how to "open" the fruits!

July suggested to eat the salad with some olive oil and salt, but I think I prefer it "natural". It tasted delicious.