17 March 2009

The Black Iris Quilt

The work with the quilt to the bazaar in May is in progress. After choosing patterns and fabrics, some of us made two pieces each with an appliqué iris.Some of the other ladies put everything together. Now you can get an idea of how it will look like when it’s finished. We will make it as a wall hanging or you can use it as a lap quilt in the sofa a chilly night.


  1. looks beautiful...you'll made it look lovely!!!

    i must say u ladies have a lot of talent....keep up the good work.
    I really liked the work.

    take care

  2. Thank you for giving a comment in my blog! ^_^ I find you're blog interesting too! I enjoy watching such great views! Such nice photos you have! and nice quality by the way!^_^ these are really neat! Nice! You make these? Keep up the good work!=)=)=)

  3. At first I thought the beautiful blue piece was a sapphire...
    Another example of skill AND patience...