26 March 2009

PB&J sandwich.

I always have been wondering how it would taste. In cartons, books and movies I have heard about people eating it for breakfast, lunch or between meals.
Now I was invited to Melissa for a PB&J lunch!
Cut a slice of white bread.

Put peanut butter on half of the slice.

Put jam on the other half.

Just fold it together and eat!


  1. Hi, it was nice to meet you! I'm glad you enjoyed the gourmet sandwich that Missy served to you. She's changed the jelly flavor since she 'grew up' :-) Thanks for sharing your days with me.

  2. is there another way to make sandwiches that u ..now ..because i love sandwiches and wouldn't mind knowing how to make diff kind!

  3. ya i know i love as a matter of fact its the most easy breakfast to make !!!

    take care