14 May 2009


After living one year in Amman I can see more and more benefits by living here. What I like is the fresh air, the well developed road system (but the traffic is horrible!) and that I really feel secure here.
But ……. The lack of addresses drives me crazy! I think that this statement needs an explanation.
Since a couple of years they have names of the streets in Amman! It’s so new that hardly anyone knows any street names yet and they never seems to use them. So when you take a taxi, you can’t tell the taxi driver where to go, you have to guide him! That was a huge problem for me when I was new in town and did not know how to go to a place.

No to the main story! When Peter and Britt were here we wanted to go to an Asian restaurant called Yoshi. We saw an ad and looked it up on the Internet. And the address was: At the 3rd Circle closed to Ren Chai. Well, we went to the 3rd Circle and looked and asked lots of people if they know where we could find Yoshi or Ren Chai. Nobody knew! So we gave up and went to another restaurant we already knew.

Yesterday I and my friend Melissa decided to try to find Yoshi. Before we went away I looked up Ren Chai on the net to get an idea of where it was. It said that Ren Chai was situated at the 4th Circle, and that is one kilometre from the 3rd !!!
Well, since Melissa has a Jordanian driver he maybe would be able to help us.
And yes we found it, thanks to Masen, the driver! Yoshi was situated about half kilometre from the 3rd circle in a jumble of small narrow streets.

Well Peter, after this long explanation I guess you are eager to hear what the food was like? You know what I think of Asian food in general ….. and this was pretty the same!! But Melissa who loves sushi thought it was really delicious. So next time you will come and visit us I will know the way!

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