03 May 2009


We went to Madaba one day when Peter and Britt was here. First we couldn't find our way to the church with the famous mosaic. As usual the signs are not all logical.

Finally we found the church with the mosaic map on the floor. The map was constructed in AD 560 and was found 1884. The map shows all the major biblical sites in the Middle East.Then we went a couple of kilometers to Mount Nebo. This is the place where Moses is said to have seen the promised land, Canaan.
It's a lovely view over the desert, the Dead Sea and some green land. In just a couple of days the Pope will visit this place. Right now they are restoring a very old church on top of the Mount Nebo. Inside they have found many mosaics, of course ! This is my favorite one, maybe because it reminds me of a quilt!
Lots of people came with cars and tourist buses to look at the famous site and enjoy the magnificent view.

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