10 May 2009

Beirut in 24 hours ...

We have been on a very short trip to another country and to another capital. The flight took only fifty minutes, but it was a completely different city than Amman. First of all different because you could see so many remains from the wars. Many buildings with bullet holes and burnt out, and some roads with bridges that were demolished and closed. But on the same time a lot of new buildings and roads.
As soon as possible after we landed we went down to the see. We always long for overlooking water. We found a huge and long Cornish were we among lots of other people took a long walk.

This is what I normally see of Bo when we are out walking, his back. He is always a couple of meters in front of me!
If you looked over the iron rail you could see lots of people (only men) having a good time beside and in the water. Some of them even had a small barbecue.
Some people were fishing.
Old buildings side to side with new built ones.

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