24 May 2009

Um Qais

Yesterday evening we started to plan a tour for today! It's very unusual for us to make a plan! We planed to go to Um Qais in the north west corner of Jordan. And we planned to start our tour ten o'clock today! And ten o'clock this morning we sat in the car with a well packed bag pack. We had sandwiches, drinks, maps, guidebooks, sunglasses and much more!We went From Amman up to Jerash and further up to Irbid and to Um Qais which is situated not far away from the occupied Golan heights in Syria.
The place is a former Roman city, in the ancient time the name was Gadara. It was founded after Alexander the Greats´ death.

The chairs in the Roman theater was very well formed!

According to the Bible, it was here in Gadara Jesus casted demons out of two men into a herd of pigs. Poor pigs! Well, our tour went on very well, maybe because we were so well planned this time!

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