30 November 2008


The traffic here is heavy. Lots of fancy cars, never seen so many Mercedes, Bentleys and Jaguars before. And every one drives very fast. No one pay much attention to traffic signs, they seems to be as a suggestion only. “This could be a one way road, but if you feel you want to drive in the other direction, it’s ok!”
Someone said that the Jordanians believe that the driving mirrors are for decoration only. No one ever look in them, so maybe they are right!

But suddenly a policeman stops the traffic from all directions and five black cars, some with dark curtains, pas by even faster. That’s the king, or someone else from the royal family who are taking a ride. After some seconds the policeman waves and the traffic starts again. This is a man who has no problems with the traffic in this country. “Flytta på er här kommer jag!”

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