14 November 2008

To begin with...

It´s many mounths since we arrived in Amman. And finally I will start my blog ... right now!

At the top you can see a picture of a bouganvilla on the balkony.

We decided this morning to take a tour outside Amman. It was Friday morning and not much traffic since most people stay inside before they go to the mosk.
In the Lonely Planet we had read about the desert castles. And that sounded both romantic and intresting.
Well, the map and the real life is not the same in this country so we ended up, a couple hours later in an other interesting place, Umm al-Jimal!
Umm al-Jimal is only 10 km from the Syrian border. It´s black basalt ruins of a settelment probably founded in the 1st century BC by the Nabataeans, but was quickly taken over by the Romans, my guide book says.
We had a lovely walk in the ruins. No souvenier shops, no guards, no turists! Just the two of us!

Then we went back to Amman to find a place were we could eat. We used our guide book again and found Fakhr el-Din, a Lebanese food restaurant.
The restaurant was very elegant and set in an old villa. It was crowded with families having lunch together.

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