24 November 2008

Baking a cake.

I have started to do some baking. This is my third try. The first one was an apple cake, the second a banana cake and yesterday a carrot cake with icing on the top. It’s VERY healthy! Made with carrots (of course), almonds and oil and not much sugar at all! I found the recipe at http://www.recepten.se/recept/morotskaka.html.
I had some problem to find icing sugar. But I looked at the pictures of the boxes and hoped for the best.
My oven is very strange. When the recipe says 175º, my oven says 300º. Well, now I know about it, but the first times I used it I didn’t get a good result.
It’s also very odd to switch on. I have to go down on my knees while I with my left hand frequently pulls a button, down under the stove, then the right hand is stretched up in the air trying to find the handle which regulates the gas!

I don’t need more exercise that day!

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