19 November 2008


In early morning one of the days in Cairo I went with Bo to Maadi. I walked from the office down to our old neighbourhood. It took me one hour. But I love walking in Cairo comparing to Amman. In Cairo it's crowded with people and something is happening all the time. It's a kind of chaos that I find very attractive!
I walked around and looked at all old places, visited some good shops and went to Mira for a lovely two hour massage. After that I felt five centimetres taller and ten years younger!

These two pictures show two ways of living in Cairo. The picture above is taken from our hotel window over the roofs in Cairo. Lots of people are living in small ramshackle buildings on the top of every building. You can find the description of this kind of living in the book The Yacoubian Building by Ala Al Aswany . This book has been on the top of the best selling list in Egypt for many years!

This building is a new built villa in Maadi. For the rich and wealthy!

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