24 September 2009

Scrap booking

Scrap booking was totally new for me when I came to Jordan. Then I met Melissa who has been working with scrap books and travel journals for many years.
First I continued saying that it was nothing for me. But when I had seen Melissa’s work for sometime, I started to think that maybe …….
Now I have started with a small book with pictures from Elin’s first year. It takes more time than you can imagine. And it takes a lot of time to figure out what goes with what in matter of design and colours
We are meeting at Melissa’s house about once a week, cause she’s got the STUFF ….!!
Melissa is making a surprise book for her husband Ron, with pictures from their tours with his Harley Davidson.
I'm doing a more traditional album, but I hope I will learn to become more imaginative!


  1. well done !
    GOD bless u and ur family


  2. I knew Missy would have you scrapbooking....!! You and she both have such creative minds. Again, thanks for the bag, I use it all the time and get such nice comments on it, especially the colors. Jean