26 September 2009

A pre-Roman villa ....

As usual, I don’t know how many times I have written this sentence, we had big difficulties to find what we were looking for….!
We wanted to make a short drive outside Amman and look at something interesting. I inquired my guide book, as usual, and found an interesting place just west of Amman.
Well, after some mistakes, a shiny, magnificent building appeared in front of us!

This was a remain of an pre-Roman villa built in approx 180 BC.
My guide book says that this place is unike because it was built from some of the biggest blocks of any ancient structure in the Middle East- the largest is 7 m by 3 m ( but only 20 cm or so thick!). We looked for them, but couldn't find them!

The carved panter fountain is famous. And when I looked at the panter I guess that Walt Disney or one of his artists has been here some years before us!

Look at the panters surprised face!

This is the kind man who showed us around.

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