22 September 2009

Houses and alleys in Damascus

The Old city in Damascus was a mich mach of remains from all former centurys. Everything mixed as in a Hot Pot. Sometimes you would wish that the old parts should been treated in a better way. Now everything seemed to be decorated in power cabels!
I wish that some fairies would come along and wave their magic wands so the old reminds will last forever.

1 comment:

  1. Bilden med det lutande huset...varför finns det sådana hus,tro? Jordbävningar, brist på byggnadsingenjörskonst eller vad?
    Jag hade nog inte somnat så lätt, om man skulle blivit erbjuden nattlogi där...
    //Hälsningar från Ellinor i spikraka Svedala.