15 February 2009

Todays paper

Almost every day Bo brings home the newspaper, The Jordan Times, from the office. It is interesting to read about what is happening in Jordan and the rest of the world from the Jordan’s point of view.
Today they had the consoling news that the water storage in the major dams increased from 65.55 million cubic metres to 72.16 million cubic metres thanks to last week’s heavy rainfall. But it is still only 33 % of the dam’s capacity. This is a country with an enormous lack of water and this winter has not brought much rain.
In today’s paper I also of course could read about the conflict between Gaza and Israel. A never ending story it seems to be, but of course everyone hopes for a solution.
I could also read that the romance in president Obamas marriage is an inspiration for all Americans …….
If you want to have a look by yourself just go to: http://www.jordantimes.com/

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