21 February 2009

A rainy day

In Jordan the winter months are January, February and Mars. And up to a week ago I didn’t think it was much of a winter. Even the Jordanians complained, it was too hot and it was too little rain. But now in the end of February the winter is here! Storm and rain most every day and only + 8 degrees during the day. We have central heating in the flat so we are not complaining. But many people here in Jordan suffers a lot during winter.
Today we are staying indoors, looking out at the rain. There are no drains for rainwater in the streets so lots of smaller or bigger "lakes" pop up here and there. We live on the top of one of Ammans many hills and it is not so bad in our street but down town it is worse. And it is a bit of an adventure to drive throw water filled tunnels and roads.

Surprisingly my geraniums at the balcony are still blossoming! I gave them a handful of fertiliser in October and that gave them a kick!

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