17 February 2009


I have decided to try once more with the Arabic language. My new teacher, Khawla, starts with the alphabet and by teaching words that begins with the letter we are practising. (I think this is something I recognise… ;) !!)
My teacher in Cairo, the strict Ola, started with the grammar, and that was not really my way.

So for tomorrow I must know the letters alif, ba, ta, tha, djiim, ha, zha, d, thal, ra and za. I must recognise them, write them and know at least one word which starts with every letter.

I have bought a book for children to practise in.

Wish me good luck! (Tack Freddan!)


  1. I "which" you good luck!

  2. good luck!!! (I'm french and I study arabic but my parents are from tunisia this is help me)