09 November 2009

I get so tired ......

Yes, I know that I shouldn't’t complain.... I live the best of lives …. but…shopping in this country, getting proper consumer information… oh my God!
Today I went to the big mall to by two sleeping bags; we are spending the night in Wadi Rum during the weekend.
I found the items I wanted, but the prize on the shelf was surprisingly cheap, 32 JD (320 SEK or about 40 dollars) so I wanted to check.
I went and looked for someone to ask. I found a young man who didn’t understand me, so he went off to find someone else to ask.
I explained to the new man, who looked like a supervisor on that department, what I wanted and he gave the sleeping bag box to the first young man and told him to go and look for the prize on the bag. Then he disappeared!!!
The young man came back and said: fifteen. Fifteen, I answered a bit surprised, do you mean one, five? He said yes, and disappeared.
Well, 15 JD (150 SEK or about 22 dollars) is very cheap for a sleeping bag that you can use up to – 17 ºC and made by a famous Swiss brand.
So I went, a bit suspicious, to the cashier. And he said: 100 JD for the two sleeping bags, madam!


  1. 150 SEK is around 22 US$, now I understand why the allowance for the house is a mess!!!


  2. My dear husband, you are always so funny. Take that back or I will not welcome you back tomorrow!!!!!