02 October 2009

Shoe collection to the children in Bahia

This is a real “solskenshistoria” (story with a happy end).

The chairwoman of SAWA wrote in the latest newsletter: “When we were on our last visit to the Badia, distributing the rice and sugar that was approved at the September general meeting, I was disturbed by how many children were barefoot. They were walking around on sand, dirt, rocks and broken glass. I asked around for people to donate to me their children’s old shoes. Unfortunately, I don’t know too many ladies with young children anymore so I was not able to collect too much.
Then I wrote to a friend of mine in Saudi Arabia who has 4 young boys and owns a small preschool. She started a collection and the amazing thing is she was able to get 17 boxes, 2 suitcases and 2 bags full of shoes, jackets and clothes. She sent them to me by bus and when the bus company employees found out why she was sending them, they didn’t charge her for the transportation.”

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  1. Walking barefeeted is lovely,...but only when you choose the moment yourself when it´s lovely...