06 June 2009

Sewing atelier

I have turned the kitchen to an sewing atelier. It's a mess with fabric, threads, ,patterns and finished blocks everywhere.
I will make 48 different blocks in grey and black and then put them together in a pattern. Well, when I have done them all I can start puzzle!
I put the first twelve together like this. Is it a good idea? What do you think? Will it be to dull? How about a frame in something more exiting like orange or green?


  1. Why not red? Red means happiness and it´s a beautiful colour, I think.

  2. Quilting is an art...I have a few friends who quilt - one being Missy's Aunt Audrey who made her a lovely black and white wedding ring pattern quilt. Your colors of black and gray will be beautiful and you do beautiful work.
    Also, your little granddaughter will be one of the best dressed little girls - I hope you have a picture of her wearing every one you make for her - will be memories for her someday when you start scrapbooking!! Jean