20 June 2009

Boy scouts

Yesterday morning I woke up very early (it was a holiday!) because I heard lots of noise from our very quiet street. It was the boy scouts of Amman who had decided to gather just under our bedroom window! And they also decided to see if their drums was working. And, yes they did work! Very well actually!It took hours before they all were gathered, and then they went away escorted by policemen in cars and on motor bikes. I wonder where they were going?
Tomorrow morning I'm off to spend summer in Sweden! I'm really longing for to see family and friends!

1 comment:

  1. Hej! Spännande möten i oväntade situationer och andra kulturer. Att bli störd utanför sitt sovrumsfönster skulle väl aldrig kunna hända i Sverige?! Åsa Kayser