02 December 2009

Wadi Mujib

Twenty five years ago Jordanian government established twelve protected areas in Jordan. One of them is Wadi Mujib. We went down there, about one hour drive from where we live, last weekend just to have a look and see how it was. As usual we should have been a bit more prepared ..... the area was open only between 1 April and 31 October! But during that time you could do some interesting hikes there, most of them with guide. One of the hikes I guess Johan would love. The Malaqi Trail is a half day trip when you have to swim or walk in water into the siq and then rappelling down the 18 m waterfall!
If you want to stay over night they have the cutest small cottages just on the shore of the Dead see. I said to Bo that I wanted to go there sometimes and sit on the veranda while the sun sets with a glass of wine in my hand. But he just grumbled, don't know why he wasn't enthusiastic? He was probably afraid .......they think that Sodom and Gomorrah was situated right here in this region!

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  1. How many beautiful places are there in this world, I wonder..

    //From Ellinor who´s still listening to Susan Boyle, who owns one of the greatest and most touching voices in the world...