04 December 2009

Pomelo salad

Someone brought a plastic bag full of pomelos to our last sewing meeting. She had picked them in her garden and said it was free to take as many as you wanted. I was of course quick to grab one!
On my way back home I stopped to buy a pomegranade, cause I remembered I had seen some recipe with these fruits.
July helped me and showed me how to "open" the fruits!

July suggested to eat the salad with some olive oil and salt, but I think I prefer it "natural". It tasted delicious.

1 comment:

  1. I bought one day a pomelo at Netto in Svedala. I thought I bought a new kind of melon...
    It did NOT taste like a melon!

    ...and now to something completely different:

    Right now I´m listening to Susan Boyle´s first CD "I Dreamed A Dream" - Don´t miss it!